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When your elders are at home and are in need of some assistance or Sometimes someone in your family suffers from a sports injury or when you have a someone to take care at your home and your job demands your presence at an office.

What will you do? Will you stay at home? If not then whom will you trust to stay with them?

These dilemmatic situations are hard to escape.

In the city of lakes, Bhopal there is a paragon service that will surely dissolve all queries regarding HealthCare and Nursing Services. From taking a lab test to assisting an elder to the bathroom.

Care Unit Delivers all the Healthcare services at home and takes care of people 24×7 at home. Care Unit ensures you get all supervised Healthcare facilities at the comfort of your home. They make the services more accessible. They are always there for you.

care unit hospital services at your doorstep

They provide all sorts of services:

1) Nursing: The service is best for those who requires constant care to recover from acute or chronic health conditions. An in-home qualified nurse is appointed for taking all sorts of care of a patient 12/24-hrs. Not only this but a Doctor supervises the patient condition as well and visits your home when required.

2)Elder Care: Elder people requires care and assistance all the time. Someone who helps them to do mundane tasks or helps in their movement and gives all the required medicines on time regularly. Experts in Elder Care are trained to perform all these tasks and knows how to treat old people and keep an eye on their health conditions.

3) Physiotherapy: Specialised and Certified physiotherapists from Care Unit can heal and help a patient to recover from paralysis or any body pain – Back pain, Neck pain or cerebral Palsy and more. Regular physiotherapy sessions from Care Unit Experts will surely improve the patient’s condition.

4)Lab tests : Care unit also provides a quick service of picking up lab samples from your doorsteps for all types of tests ranging from Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Complete blood count, Fast Blood Sugar (FBS), Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS), Lipid Profile, Serum Creatinine, Uric Acid and more. They will pick the lap samples from your home and will email the reports saving your time and money.

5) Surgical Equipment: Wide-range medical equipment is available for purchase and rent at your doorstep. All sorts of medical equipment that might need urgently can also be delivered on time.

We believe such services by Care Unit are the boon to the city and they are also the first cure centre of Bhopal and are proudly standing on their motto of providing cure and treatment at home.

S.pace is only a co-working area and incubation centre in Central INDIA which nourish healthcare startups.

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