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Why people are vacating offices in M.P. Nagar Bhopal?

When it comes to the office, the locality performs a significant role. Who would like to have buzzing sound everywhere, when all he needs is a space to think and concentrate. This is one of the key reasons why people are vacating offices in MP Nagar, Bhopal. Occupying a workplace at a prime location is something everybody desires. There are several other reasons why MP Nagar isn't a suitable choice anymore and some of them are listed below.

1. Parking – Nobody would want to have their office two kilometres away from their vehicle. Parking is a major difficulty encountered by the people when it comes to this famous office junction. Other than the shortage of a parking space, the unreasonable costs and congested areas for parking remains a problem too.

2. Ultra-high rentals – Why spend a lot of money on the rents when you can effortlessly avail a better place? The rents in MP Nagar have been rising with the graph, and this is a topic of concern for every firm. The same money can be utilised for better things.

3. Conjugated offices - You notice a series of tall and short buildings which doesn't really fascinate you. Overhearing of arguments becomes an obstacle in productivity and discussions that no person would appreciate.

4. Old Structure - ‘Old is gold’ doesn't positively go with offices because the older the worse. There is always a problem of dripping water in the rains and clumsy floors. The maintenance isn’t really done and hence you see the office deteriorate. When structures have health so crumbly and dank, people prefer modern buildings.

5. Uncategorised market- It is difficult to have an area that doesn't have a particular section dedicated to any sector. MP Nagar is a hub for many students but fails miserably in terms of being a market area. It is a difficult job to get an office at a location organised and sufficient. This shift has influenced so many employers that MP Nagar has been expelled out of their priority list.

So, when you search for an area for your office, you know where you shouldn’t go.

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