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Meet S.PACE, Bhopal's first Private Incubation centre and Co Working Space

By Shraddha Mishra Date - 24/3/2017

Entrepreneurs today need an interactive environment besides their own ideas which would help them to explore various other opportunities to flourish. S.PACE is Bhopal's first Incubation co-working space which helps entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality. Great minds working together with great ideas can result in the emergence of more innovative ideas that will eventually lead to a more progressive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here is Tatyil Singh to tell us about his motive behind starting S.PACE Q. You started Bhopal's first Private Incubation centre and Co-working space. This initiative will definitely help emerging entrepreneurs to establish their ventured. How did you come up with this idea.

S.PACE is all about people, young minds & talent. Same goes with the idea of S.PACE . The idea for this was given by my friend Rohan. I liked the idea and agreed to implement this idea by contributing my property which was one of the essentials. Then my friend Dhanajay made its financial and feasibility report. Another friend Siddhrath got all the legal formalities done Anirudh and Niharika made the Go to market Plan and Radhika helped in business development.with this planning we had a great launch and on the 24th Day of its opening we had 100% Occupancy at S.PACE Co Working.

Q. Do you think entrepreneurial communities can be of great help in establishing startups?

Entrepreneurial Communities are very helpful for startups. They provide a boost to widen thek reach for all startups on social media platforms, helps is SEO and above all provides a base for all startups . These communities plays a vital role in the establishment of emerging startups.

Q. According to you what is the best aspect of being an entrepreneur.

The best aspect of being an entrepreneur is, It allows us to implement our ideas and start it as a venture. Moreover it makes an individual ready for a practical life if one is interested in pursuing MBA.

Q. What is the difference between the culture of startups here in India and abroad as you have done your masters from University of Manchester.

The startups here in India are more well organised and structured as compared to there in UK as people have really great ideas And potential in India because of its diversity. In UK the main focus area of start up is Artificial intelligence while in india most of them are service based start up.

Q. Do you feel it is necessary to have an unique and innovative ideas to start your venture or starting with any common idea can also help?

Obviously an unique idea has great potential. But in my opinion the execution of idea matters, no matter how good is your idea or high profits or utility it has, if it is not executed well. It can be a big flop. Then there are Start-ups whose ideas were so common and yet are very successful. For example

Q. what are your plans for the future with S.PACE.

At present we planning to open the co working S.PACE in Indore, Raipur and Nagpur, as there is a high need of these facilities in tier 2 cities, Why these 3 cities ? we want to make our presence in 3 States. For this we are approaching angel investors and looking for 2 CR Funding.

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