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Co-working area made easy for you at S.PACE

You have a business, you have partners, you have a meeting. What don’t you have? Space! Here they are, the ultimate S.PACE providers. At S.PACE, your business gets the one stop solution for your business office needs from space to management and ideas to shine more than the competition.

The facility not only provides you with just space but are furnished with a conference hall equipped with a dedicated PR system, projector and a retro look with wooden theme. At S.PACE its is believed that a stress free environment is a more productive environment, hence more profitable. To enhance this S.PACE also has a recreation hall for stress busting furnished with games like Table Tennis and Chess etc.

To give you a view in brief, S.PACE gives you the office and also, manages the same if you wish to. Different think tanks from different parts of the business world and city meets you and happily give you ideas to run your business successfully. And if you still wonder why to have a co-working space rather than your own office, this is a fact here that business managed at a co-working space grows nearly 4 times quicker!

At S.PACE quality of work space is not compromised, in fact the main aim is to provide the best quality infrastructure and facilities to the clients. S.PACE understands the need that has emerged in recent times of non-traditional co-working space. The need of the hour is to have an office setup that not only fits your budget but is also a healthy environment for your employees to work. It has been seen that the efficiency of the employees depends upon the infrastructure and environment around them. And as the world is going digital and less-paper, the need of a traditional office setup is becoming redundant. The latest trend is to have well equipped, funky offices that helps you not only to work but also develops your interest in your work.

With 7 start-ups already out, and few more in incubation, S.PACE is not only working but growing as well. Here, clients are given the priority and also mentored on the right path of their business’ field. Your business or business idea is handled by the expert of the respective fields.

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