Every startup has the idea to change the world but is mostly running tight on budget. Every startup needs a space for success. A space to work together and grow together. Startup requires a good team which get the work done and a good place where things are done and idea flourish further. S.PACE is ‘the’ place for startups. S.PACE is the incubation centre which supports the fresh companies by providing workspace. It is not only an incubation centre but also provides co-working space. Co-working space S.PACE ‘s which stands on its motto of “collaboration over competition” which gives an edge to the developing startups because collaboration will get the work done faster and better. This is a huge benefit for the startups of Bhopal because they grow together with time resulting in boosting the startup’s success.

Why ONLY S.PACE? Because they have the mentors from all industries ( you name it.) to guide the startups to follow the path of success and nurture them in need. In the city of lakes, they are the pioneer of incubation centre and is really changing the startup culture by providing everything a startup needs. I would say that they are not only changing the startup culture but also strengthening the culture by providing all-in-one platform.

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